Top 5 Reasons It’s Time to Hire a Designer

If you’ve ever been in charge of running a business, it’s likely that you’ve made a few key relationships with professionals in the fields of accounting, tax preparation, or legal. It’s easy to turn work over to a professional when you have zero idea what tax bracket you fall into, or you know that … Continue reading

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Shiny and New!

Welcome to our new site! It has been an extra busy few months around here and we'd love to get you in the loop. Rebranding: Sarah McCurdy, LLC has become McCurdy Writing & Marketing. We're … Continue reading


Oh Fer North Dakota

I am lucky enough to work with quite a variety of characters in my freelance writing journey. I develop solid working relationships with many people around the country, many of which I have never met … Continue reading

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In the Sewing Business

I’ve gotten “into the sewing business” as my Grandma Helen would have said. I took out a sewing machine that I’ve been staring at for a year and a half. It was a lovely Christmas present and I did use … Continue reading

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Coming Home

From as early as I can remember, and for as long as my grandparents lived on the McCurdy farm, there was a black safe on one side of my grandparents’ bed. Grandpa C.R. used it as his nightstand; on … Continue reading