February’s Featured Quotations

Emily, Lisa, Kristin, and me - these are so lovely (and funny) ladies!


Vintage 2006

Do you ever dance with your animals? – Emily
<pause> Sometimes I put my cat, Butterscotch, in a bag and swing him around. – That Elisa Girl


Present Day


People are righteously odd. – Kristin



Maple, you’re being an apocalyptic ass hat. – Terry



That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Really. And I’ve seen a lot of dumb things. A lot. – Terry



What do you consider “boiling”? – Crystal
It depends how hungry I am. – Sarah



He seems like a really nice guy…he’s just a little bit of a weirdo. – Troy



I Google the shit out of people. – Leanne



I woke up this morning and said I feel AWESOME. – Leanne

I don’t think I’ve ever said that. – Laura



Happy Valentine’s Day (and month) to all of you!


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